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Technical Advantages of the Integrated unique Fume Extraction/Purification System over the existing Conventional Fume Exhaust system

S.N Custom designed Fume Extraction System Conventional Fume Exhaust system
1 Advantage: Tremendous saving in power as a result of treated, filtered Ionised air circulation is 3 stages
Reason: Fume Leaden / Contaminated air is treated by Special process & replenished back into AC Environment.
Disadvantage: Tremendous loss in power as a result of almost 50% of air Quality being exhausted continuously.
Reason: Closer to 50% of the Air Quantity of conditioned air is being exhausted.
2 Advantage: Optimization of Temperature control.
Reason: Conditioned Air is not exhausted but treated and recycled.
Disadvantage: Substantial loss in Temperature.
Reason: Almost 50% of the conditioned air is being exhausted continuously.
3 Advantage: Temperature is intact.
Reason: Required temperature is maintained always since there is no exhaust of conditioned air.
Disadvantage: Temperature is always under threat.
Reason: Required temperature cannot be achieved all the time since almost 50% of the conditioned air is continuously exhausted.
4 Advantage: Greater efficiency of AC system is ensured.
Reason: Enhanced output/work life of vital component including drastic decrease in clogging of cooling coils Resulting in higher heat transfer efficiencies leading to over all optimization of AC system.
Disadvantage: AC system efficiency is threatened.
Reason: Faster wear & tear shortened work life of vital AC components like condenser, compressor & blower motor including clogging of dust on the cooling coils resulting in drastic drop in Heat transfer efficiency.
5 Advantage: Ingress of dust and contaminants from ambient is eliminated.
Reason: Since the AC is continuously treated and recycled back other parameter including ingress of dust and contaminants from outside is eliminated.
Disadvantage: Ingress of dust and contaminants from the ambient is a major threat.
Reason: Since almost 50% of the AC air is continuously exhausted as a result apart from many other disadvantages a negative pressure is built inside giving room for ingress of air borne dust and contaminants.
6 Advantages: Operators/Staff comfort is ensured.
Reason: Operators comfort is ensured with temperature control in addition to the above the fumes generated due to soldering activity is continuously treated with special process leaving no contaminants inside.
Disadvantage: Operators/Staff comfort is at stake.
Reason: Operators comfort is under threat constantly due to lack of temperature control since almost 50% of the air is continuously being exhausted.
7 Advantage: Further saving in power due to individual control of Fume Exhaust System.
Reason: Unlike conventional system where all the individual operators solder lines are connected to a common exhaust blower, it is individually connected and operated, Hence individual control is possible for example: If 5 operators out of 10 operators are idling, only 5 individual Fume Extraction System can work remaining 5 can be switched off Hence, ensuring further power saving.
Disadvantage: No Power saving.
Reason: There cannot be any saving in power since almost 50% of the conditioned air is being continuously exhausted instead there is added power consumption which is connected to all the individual soldering station in ON whether all the operators are working or not.
8 Advantage: Flexibility in the system
Reason: Since it is a tailor made Fume Extraction System suited for individual solder stations. There is scope for retrofitting in the event of expansion, change in Layout, relocation, etc., very easily.
Disadvantage: Non-Flexibility of the system
Reason: Since all the solder station are connected to a common blower. It would not be easy to adopt to any change in layout, relocation etc., Entire design need to be changed.
9 Advantage: Easy maintainance.
Reason: Since the system is connected individually there is very little maintainance.
Disadvantage: Regular and periodical maintainance.
Reason: Since the system is connected to multiply operators – very frequent maintainance of in terms of cleaning the ducts and maintainance of blowers are involved.
10 Advantage: Flexibility during break down and servicing.
Reason: It is highly flexible if one operators system is shut down; other individual system can run independently without affecting other operators work
Disadvantage: Non-flexible during breakdown and servicing.
Reason: Since the system is connected to multiple operators – if the system is under shutdown the entire operation is affected since no single operator can work.