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Pulse Jet Bag Filter

Recovery of particulate matter from exhaust gas is vital for any industry from two aspects
• To avoid pollution problems
• Recovery of finished product-increasing the plant yield

For recovering particulate matter different options available are – Cyclones, Venturi, scrubbers, bag filters, electrostatic precipitators etc. Out of these bag filter becomes the best choice if following are dominant selection criteria’s:
• Material is expensive and hence high collection efficiency is desired.
• Particulate size is very fine.
• Material recovery in powder form is desirable & not in solution form.

A conventional bag filter normally has following problems:
• Frequent bag choking - hence high plant shut down time.
• Higher pressure drops across bag filter – hence higher blower electrical power.
• Bag choking resulting in reduced airflow rate & therefore reduction in plant capacity.
Due to the above the bag filter becomes bottleneck for plant operation.
Realizing above we have designed our bag filter using scientific procedure as elaborated in DESIGN METHODOLOGY. We manufacture bag filter as per "Quality Assurance Plan." Hence consistency in quality is guaranteed.


1. The air enters the bag filter bustle.
2. The air is uniformly distributed avoiding channeling.
3. Initially a coat of material forms on the bags. Subsequently, the coat acts as the filtering medium.
4. The dust is accumulated on filter elements while the air passes thorough the filter bags from outside to inside.
5. The accumulated powder is dislodged from the bags by reverse pulse-jet air intermittently.
6. The dislodged powder falls on bottom cone and is discharged through powder discharge valves.
7. The dust free air is sucked by induced draft fan and is exhausted to atmosphere.