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Viscous Air Filter

Auto Viscous filter is a self-cleaning viscous air filter using a rotating curtain of metal screen as the filtering media. Behind the filter media roll is an endless roll of oil drop eliminator. When the filter media is loaded and the pressure drop increases, a totally enclosed thermally protected geared motor moves the filter media and oil drop eliminator which pass through a viscous oil bath located at the bottom of the filter. The viscous oil cleans the filter media and the oil drop eliminator ensures that the oil is not carried into the air stream. The sludge collected in the oil bath needs to be cleaned periodically.

These filters are especially advantageous wherever dust concentration in the surrounding air is comparatively heavier as in Goal and lignite mines, steel plants, Chemical plants, Cement plants, foundries and other similar Industries.

Technical Data

Dust Arrestance: 90% as per B.S.2831 test dust No.III
Recommended Air Velocity : 2.5 m/sec.
Recommended working temp.: 60⁰ C Max.
Recommended Oil to be used: Light mobil vectra oil or equivalent
Initial Pressure Drop : 4 - 5 mm wg.
Final Pressure drop : 8 - 10 mm wg.
Rotation Frequency: 30 sec ON, 10 min OFF
Gear Box: Mono Drive – 5
Motor: 0.55 KW, 3 Phase, 415 Volts, 50 Hz