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Fume Extraction Systems

Fume Extraction System addresses the issue of avoiding the contamination of indoor air by specific high-emission sources by capturing airborne contaminants before they are spread into the environment. This can include water vapor control, lavatory bio-effluent control, solvent vapors, Lead, Weld fumes etc., from industrial processes, and dust from composites and metal working machinery. Air can be exhausted through pressurized hoods or through the use of fans and pressurizing a specific area.

A Fume Extraction System is composed of 5 basic parts

1. A hood that captures the contaminant at its source
2. Ducts / Hose Pipe for transporting the air
3. An air-cleaning device / Processor Unit that removes/nullifies the contaminants
4. A fan that moves the air through the system
5. An exhaust stack through which the Treated air is discharged
As with dilution ventilation, makeup air must be provided to replace the air exhausted in order for the system to operate properly.
Recirculation of clean conditioned air saves energy, lower costs, and may help with environmental regulations compliance.

Fume Hoods

Fume hood is one of the necessary facilities for laboratory. It will discharge poisonous, harmful, flavourous air caused in experiment very promptly by means of effective local ventilation type. It will ensure the physical and psychological health for operator. After cooperating with authority organization in this field, Our Company has developed various products with different functions and designs. It can meet higher requirements from different customers.