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Paint Booth

A paint booth is a structure which is designed to keep dust and other contaminants out of a painting area. Contaminants can have a major impact on the quality of a paint job, whether the paint is being applied to a piece of porcelain or a commercial aircraft. Using paint booths ensures that paint jobs are done quickly and in a clean environment.

There are 3 main types or styles of Paint Booths

1. Open front booths.
As the name implies, open front booths are not fully enclosed. These are the most common paint booths for smaller shops and general manufacturing and industrial spray collection. Three walls and a ceiling contain the overspray and fumes, and a fan in the back wall draws room air past the work area and out through an exhaust filter.

2. Crossflow booths.
These fully enclosed booths use a horizontal stream of air to collect fumes and particles. An intake filter on one side cleans incoming air, and an exhaust filter cleans it again before it's vented outside the booth.

3. Downdraft booths.
The most effective overall, downdraft booths are fully enclosed just like crossflow booths. However, incoming air is drawn through ceiling-mounted filters. There are several variations on the downdraft design: some use pits below the floor to draw air straight down, while others use "semi-downdraft" or "side downdraft" designs that pull incoming air down and to the sides or back of the booth.

They all contain intake & exhaust filters. Intake filters clean the air coming into the booth and the exhaust filters filter the air leaving the booth.
Some paint booths have their own heated or non-heated air replacement unit making them a positive pressure booth. A paint booth that has positive pressure keeps unwanted dirt and debris from entering the booth through week caulk joints or door seals.