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Background NOISE Levels Generated by various activities and areas

0 Threshold of audibility (acute hearing)
15 Average threshold of hearing
25 Whisper at 5 feet, Private House (Sleeping)
30 Churches, auditoriums (empty), Lecture rooms, assembly halls, conference venues, Conference rooms, seminar rooms, tutorial rooms, Drama studios, Music studios, concert halls, Private House (recreation)
35 Private residences, Professional & administrative Offices, Private Offices
40 Libraries, museums, Audio-visual areas, Computer Rooms (teaching), design offices, Drafting offices, Reception areas, Restaurants
45 Computer rooms (working), Corridors & Lobbies, Airport terminals, Hotel bar
50 Quite restaurant
55 Draper’s Shop
60 General Office
65 Average restaurant (occupied)
70 Large mechanized office
75 Very noisy restaurant
80 Factory machine shop
85 Tramcar, tube train
90 Noisy factory, engine room
95 Aircraft cabin
100 Ship’s siren at 100 feet
110 Boiler Plate construction shop
120 Aero engine at 30 feet
130 Threshold of painful feeling in ears

Note: Decibel is the unit of sound