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General Recommended RH Level Guide

Note: The enclosed information is not absolute. It is to serve as a general guide line base on information which we have collected over the years. There may be vast different values given by different designers as products keep changing and improving. We advise that qualified engineers & product consultants be engaged before determining the required space condition. We hope that this information will serve our clients better in selection of equipment and space condition design.

Type of Product RH Type of Product RH
Sugar Storage 20-35% Laboratory electronics 45-60%
Breweries 35-45% Plastic Pallets 5-30%
Coffee Powder 30-40% Computer Peripherals 50-60%
Milk Powder Storage 20-35% Rust Resistance Below 40%
Seed Storage 35-45% Medical syrups 30-40%
Unpacked Medicine 20-35% Capsule storage 30-45%
Anti Fungus 45-55% Powder Storage 30-45%
Camera Lenses 40-45% Wood Drying 25-35%
HT Switch Room 45-55% Explosive *35-40%
Transformer Winding 15-30% Hospital Electronics 45-65%
Semiconductors 30-50% Normal Storage 50-55%
Archive 40-55% Musical Instrument 45-55%
Paper Storage 35-45% Leather Product 40-55%
Rust Prevention Below 55%
>40% for zero rust
Cable wrapping 15-25%
Library 50-55% Chemical Lab 30-45%
Spray Paint 30-50% Hard disk Production 40-50%
Lithium Battery Below 2% Magnetic Tapes 40-55%
Wafer Relatede 5-10%

Note: * Explosive storage must not be less than 30% RH as static electricity may build up and cause sparks in the air to cause an explosion. Special DH One way air flow arrangement or total explosion system is needed for such