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Innovative Solutions

The Technology

Our equipment is based on a unique technology called “IONISATION”. With the application of Ionization technology we have tackled innumerable critical work environments which require an environment free from sub micron level dust, Air Borne Contaminants, Microbes, Odor and Fumes.
It is unparallel Technology as far as deactivation / neutralization of air borne sub micron particles down to 0.001 micron are concerned. It has been established for oven 75 different types of applications with validation and test reports. Further, Medical research all over the world has established beyond doubt many Therapeutic / Health beneficial effects of Ionization.

Application Segments

We have made our presence strongly felt in the segments of Cement Plants
Sugar Industries
Textile Mills
Medical Research
Printing Industries
R & D Laboratories
Garment Industries
Software Sever Areas
Electronics Industries
Studio / Film Laboratories
Biotechnology Clean Room
Restaurant and Auditorium
Food Processing Clean Room
Pharmaceuticals Clean Room
Instrumentation Laboratories
Solar Photovoltaic Application
Hospitals / Operation Theaters
Optics / Lens Polishing Application
Automotive Metallurgical Laboratory
Burn Patient Convalescence Disease Control