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• Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that Negative Ions can improve psychological and Physical well – being.
• Negative Ions can elevate mood, increase mental alertness and vitality, reduce anxiety and depression.
• Studies indicate that negative ions may increase the cellular intake of Oxygen and overall cellular health. This is turn provides us with overall improved health and well-being.
• Negative Ions have been shown to significantly precipitate, and thus reduce, harmful airborne particles, from the air you breathe (down to .001 microns in size) particles, such as Pollen, Smoke, Viruses, Bacteria Soot & Dust.
• Negative Ionizers rebuild the ion count indoors providing a more healthy outdoor-like environment where we spend most of our time
• Negative Ionizers leaves us less susceptible to colds and flu.
• Negative Ionizers may help relief many weather-related problems such as headaches and other disorders.
• Negative Ionizers may substantially reduce the airborne bacteria count.
• Allergy and Asthma sufferers are often helped by the removal of solid pollutants such as pollen, down, smoke, Chemical fibers & dust since these are effectively removed with Negative Ionizers.
• Negative Ionizers may help people relax and provide a better night’s sleep.
• Night Ionizers may increase lung capacity by cleaning the cillia (microscopic hair in the windpipe), which filter air that enter the lungs.
• Negative Ionizers may help concentration, alertness and overall mental functions. This will lead to overall increase in work productivity.