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Ionized Air (Negative Ions)

Ions are charged particles—either positive or negative—found in the air. These ions are created naturally. For example, the action of ocean waves on a beach creates a large number of negatively charged ions, which may be why many people feel better at the seashore. Conversely, exposure to electrical equipment and other sources of positively charged ions is reported to cause poor health in many people. The percentage of the population who is sensitive to the ionization of the surrounding air is not currently known.

Positively charged ions, according to present knowledge, are detrimental to human health. The unfavorable interactions between humans and positive ions have occurred for millions of years. Folk knowledge has attributed evil effects to certain seasonal winds, which scientists now understand to be highly charged with positive ions.

Although nature produces negative ions, most people don’t live in regions high in naturally occurring negative ions. For those who are bothered by positive ions, a negative ion generator might be a practical remedy for neutralizing the exposure to positive ions.

Ionized air may play a role in allergies. Research suggests that some allergy-provoking substances, such as dust and pollen, have a positive electrical charge. Negative ions appear to counteract the allergenic effects of these positively charged ions on respiratory tissues.1 2 Negative ions also have other beneficial effects for the respiratory system.3 4

Jonathan Wright, M.D., reports anecdotally that although his patients note varying responses, negative ions generally lead to favorable effects, and many individuals experience relief from their respiratory allergies. Other allergy sufferers report considerable relief with a few allergy reactions resolving completely after negative ion therapy. According to Dr. Wright, the majority of allergy sufferers can reduce reliance on other treatments (nutritional, biochemical, or prescription) during negative ion therapy.5

Ionized air has been used in connection with the following conditions (refer to the individual health concern for complete information):
• Allergic bronchitis
• Allergic sinusitis
• Asthma
• Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
• Chronic respiratory tract allergies