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Designed to achieve a new dimension in three and five star Hotels – comfort – pure air systems.

The Air Ionisation System ensures purest quality air that a guest breathes while all the importance and velvet edge in guest comfort to ensure extra measure of concern that goes into bright and cheerful rooms, crisp linen, cloak rooms that are spic span and sanitized. While hotel’s A.C. systems efficiently condition the environment it does not purify the air. It only re circulates the microbes, the cigarette smoke and the contaminants that are generated inside the hotel day after day. The dust deposition on the fan coil units in most guest rooms over a period of time decrease the heat transfer efficiency of the coils resulting in higher power consumption. Other critical areas are Butchery, Gardemanger and Cold preset areas where the microbe generation alters the taste, affects freshness and accelerates spoilage – Air Ioniser will reverse the above and increase the quality and shelf life. Similarly the most important public areas like restaurants, bars and pubs, which are extremely stuffy with cigarette and cigar smoke and foul odour can be very effectively converted into very comfortable, pure air environment by using Ionisation systems.


Guest Rooms / Conference Rooms / Butchery / Gardemanger / Cold Preset Areas / Restaurants / Bars / Pubs & all types of air-conditioned enclosed critical areas in 3 & 5 Star Hotels and Clubs.