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Designed to achieve aseptic environments, which can be lifeline at any hospital.

Theoretically speaking, it is very easy to plan zero contamination levels in various critical areas of a hospital; but very difficult within four walls of the critical areas especially when we are dealing with microbes generated within the area or the constant stream of traffic. The problem is much more complex in locations at O.T. ICCU, Transplant ICU, Burns wards, Neo-natal wards & Labour wards where patients are highly sensitive to infection or in post operative wards where the risk of cross infection is very high. Operation Theatres are fumigated once a week, usually over the weekend. The fact that there is a gradual increase in the bacterial count, operations carried out later in the week carry a very high risk of infection. In other aseptic rooms, the fumigation is impractical because of in-patient occupancy. Other serious focus point is Cath-Labs, whole Body Scanning, CT Scan and MRI where systems are extra sensitive to microscopic dust leave along malfunction, even a small deviation in the test or scan accuracies can be critical.


Operation Theatres / Post-Operative wards / ICU / ICCU / Burns wards / Neo-natal wards / Labour wards / Cath labs / Whole body scan / CT scan / MRI Labs and all kinds of critical areas in hospital environment.