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How Healthy and Safe is Your Soldering Environment?

Soldering work requires flux. This is mainly rosin-resin based. The main component of rosin-resin is denatured when the temperature increases in the process, noxious compounds are generated in the evaporating smoke. Inhalation of such noxious compounds will result in serious health hazards.

The fumes given off during the soldering work mainly consist of flux and lead materials. The vast majority of modern fluxes are colophony based, that being a mixture of abietence acid, terpences, together with organic acids such as salicylic acid, luctic acid and stearine acid.

These fluxes vaporize when heated and readily condense on cooling, the organic acids precipitating out in crystal form. Inhalation of soldering fumes will result in a flux condensate accumulating in the respiratory tract and lead to severe respiratory problems and damage of respiratory tract, Air sacs and lungs. Long term exposure such as full time hand soldering work will lead to not only lungs damage but also Heart valves, Liver, Spleen, Intestine and Brain damage.

Medical evidence has shown that colophony is toxic substance and has effect in chemical affinity. The unpleasant odours of flux vapours have led to cases of severe headaches and tiredness resulting in loss of concentration and production.

The frequency of unpleasant side effects increases with the increase in temperatures the fluxes breakdown to pyrophoric substances. An investigation into the physiological effects of solder fumes has indicated the permanent damage to respiratory organs as well as cases of severe allergic reaction.

The lead in take can also lead to severe health hazards and chlorides present in fluxes also has detrimental effect apart from the fact that is known carcinogen substance.

Here at INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS, we have introduced a break through technology and unique solution with various custom built modules to cater to each and every typical soldering workstation covering individual stations to group operators providing complete relief from the hazardous effect from the inhalation of solder fumes by completely neutralizing fumes particles through IONISATION SECTION apart form conventional filters up to a particulate size of .001 micron.